Objectives Of Consumer Behavior

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Most of us are interested in consumer behavior simply because we are all consumers. It is an activity that goes on constantly throughout our lives, affects the way we think, the way we feel, the way we look and how we spend our time and money. Consumer behavior is the process individuals or groups go through to select, purchase, use and dispose of goods, services, ideas or experiences to satisfy our needs and desires. Many of us also provide services of goods or products to consumers. We should need to understand from a boarder perspective than our own what influences consumer behavior. Consumer response is the ultimate test of whether a marketing strategy will succeed. The main objective of the study of consumer behavior is to provide…show more content…
Attention is the process through which we become consciously aware of stimulation received from our surroundings whereas perception is a constructive process rather than a mechanical registration of reality. The constructions that we build are based on our experience, expectations and motivation. Then memory is the storage of information about experiences within an individual and its retrieval from memory stores and learning can occur through the observation and imitation of the experiences of others as well as through personal experience. Therefore attracting the attention of consumers and influencing the way they perceive the information presented, in other words products and information itself must be made relevant to the interests of consumers or interest must be created by the products. Motivation is the energizing forces which drives behavior and sustains it until some goal is reached. Biological motives such as need for…show more content…
That is why product marketers need to find out how different groups of people prefer to satisfy their biological needs. We also have cognitive motives such as needs for stimulation, consistency and beauty. Social motives include the need for positive regard from others, the need to belong to groups, power and to achieve and fulfill our aspirations. Therefore both products themselves and advertisements can be created to appear to our aspirations and linked with membership of desirable social groups. Our attitudes towards products and services are obviously important determinants of whether or not we will purchase them and a prime reason for advertising is to change attitudes. People like to maintain consistency between attitudes towards different, related objects and issues; vice versa inconsistency creates tension and is a force for attitude change, for example in an anti-smoking campaign, it may be more appropriate to manipulate or appeal to social norms to produce attitude change rather than targeting individuals. The self-concept is a very complex structure. It is composed of many attributes, incorporates our gender roles as well as the other roles we play as

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