Consumer And Consumer Behavior

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KAMYA KHARABANDA MUSKAN AGGARWAL RESEARCH TOPIC Understanding how consumers consume fashion, specifically single working people, within age group of 25-35 years within urban India. ABSTRACT In today’s world fashion is a major part of human consumption. People especially in urban area not only spend but also engage in diverse practices related to fashion consumption. Fashion goods not only form differentiations between different groups of people but also are an extended form of our personality. The purpose of the research is to understand the behavior of the consumer while they are shopping fashion goods. The main idea is to know their shopping behavior and understand their preferences. This study will help us understand how a youth consumer…show more content…
Lifestyle choices like increase in materialism and need for status, has increased the fashion consumption. However what becomes necessary to understand is who is leading whom? Are the consumers driving the fashion or is it the other way round? Consumer behavior research is a necessary tool for the marketers to understand their target market and consumer group, in order to develop marketing strategies. Because of this, the consumer behavior theories have been quickly applied to various sectors of all fields in the world. The youth is the main consumer of fashion goods. Not only they add up to the biggest target market but also influence how and what the fashion industry moves forward. What makes it absolutely necessary is to understand how they consume fashion, is to understand their interest and their psyche. Not only this will benefit the fashion industry but also the consumers by providing them with what they actually…show more content…
The new intelligent fashion consumer is not afraid to buy things from different layers of the fashion pyramid. She might have a bag from Chanel, a top from H&M and a skirt from a new young designer. When she brings these items together they send a message to others that she is an intelligent consumer in charge of her own image. The perception of fashion varies among different generations. Younger people generally prefer a higher number of low quality, cheap and fashionable clothes, compared to the older generation which prefers to purchase a fewer number of higher quality clothes. The older consumers will see fast fashion as a waste since it means buying several garments of low quality and then throwing away older clothes as soon as the new ones hang in the

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