Students Should Get Paid For Grades Essay

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Did you know, schools get influential learning, advancements when they remunerate their students with money? Kids should get paid to do well in school. This can benefit them in school and in the future. Paying students for grades, teaches kids about budgeting and saving, prevents life of crime, and increases encouragement and test scores. Students should be paid for academic achievements. Paying students for grades is good because it shows them how to spend money, prevents them from joining a gang at a young age, and increases scores and praise. Students should be paid for grades. To begin with, paying for grades is a smart decision by teachers. Students are taught savings and budget. Adults know that preparing your kids for the future is important. Claire Levison, a member of the CPA says, “ I don’t see anything wrong... as long as you’re using it as a teachable moment for budgeting and savings.’’ In the long run, kids will earn more money for their grades. Parents will use this as an opportunity to teach their child about how to spend money so they will not have any debt as a young adult. This is good for parents as it…show more content…
When considering the choice of paying students for grades, the answer should always be yes. It benefits students in many ways. It can teach kids how to secure their money, can prevent students, especially in high school from joining a gang, and can bring inspiration to students who need to raise their grades. If schools stopped paying their students, kids would stop attempting in school altogether. Students would fail because they do not have any prize to motivate them or to help them focus. Teachers need to pay students with money. Students will notice that they need to work harder in order to earn money. This will bring up their grades overall and can give them extra college credit. Many schools will increase in attendance and perform superior than schools who are not

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