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Everyday consumers are exposed to thousands of ads and this will hamper companies to create a unique position and receive attention from consumers. Using celebrities can help companies to create unique ads and engender a positive effect on the attitude and sale intention towards the brand. Celebrity endorsement has been applies for many years. The strategy of celebrity endorsement has positive effects for both company and celebrity. Using a celebrity, the consumer receives a positive feeling of security and association. Since his or her idol is recommending the product; the assumption is being made that it is a quality product. Consumers would like to identify themselves with the celebrity and they buy the product because they want to be like…show more content…
All the advertising method inclined the user behavior but media influence more than other sort of advertisement (Latif and Abideen, 2011). Smith Whan (1992) found that the high quality product not only capture the greater market share by maximize the market value. The consumer spent more on the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) because daily uses products are relevant to more advertisement that’s why the consumer influences by the celebrity endorsed advertisement. Celebrity endorsed advertisement convey the message to the target audience and it attracts the users to buy the company…show more content…
In that study the researcher using the variables such as celebrity endorsement, consumer buying behavior, product and advertisement. The objective of this study is to examine the strength of the celebrity toward the brand endorsement. The researcher concluded that there is no uncertainty that attractiveness of the celebrity endorsements are a powerful and useful way that make better the outcome of a promotion but we need to be careful. Celebrity alone does not guarantee success nor does a great advertising operation or the best possible

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