Obesity Issues In Canada

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The issue of obesity is a huge public policy issue that continuously affects Canadians and also effects the federal government. In Canada "The number of obese citizens has tripled since the mid-1980s” (The Globe and Mail 2014). The rise in obesity within Canada has suggested that obesity is a condition that does not discriminate; it affects everyone including children and adults. Obesity on a basic level is a disease that results in the over production and accumulation of fat cells causing more severe health concerns to bolster within ones body. This condition is both abnormal and unhealthy but can be prevented based on lifestyle choices and awareness. The issue of obesity should be one that falls under the jurisdiction of public policy for…show more content…
As more people fall ill in regards to their obesity, the government will continue to feel the decline in jobs and work productivity from the population. This will continue to hinder and affect the ability for a country to progress on many different levels. Leicester who has written about the economic downfalls of obesity states, “More than 18,000,000 working days were lost in 1998 either due directly to 
obesity (largely people taking time off to consult GPs about their weight) or 
due to secondary illnesses” (Leicester 7). These statistics match up with the high mortality rates linked to being obesity in Canada. Recent facts show that “The economic loss of productivity caused by excess mortality is estimated at $49 billion per year in the United States and Canada. The economic loss of productivity caused by overweight or obesity for totally disabled workers is at $72 billion” (Hojjat 1). With these facts lined up it is not difficult to suggest that medical related costs and work time lost are both high, at par with the increasing level of obese people working for Canada. If Canadians continue to indulge themselves in the obese lifestyle Canada will lose a huge part of the active work force it needs and depends on causing issues for the federal government and the country as a whole. This phenomenon will also continue to cost employers more money in insurance, employee replacement and medical related

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