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Advertisements for children in India Over the years, children have become an essential part of the world of advertising. What impacts do advertisements have on children psyche? Why are children used for products not related to their use? Why are children exposed to some advertisements featuring false or doubtful claims? Is the law appropriate? These are just a few issues that need to be discussed in several platforms and demand corrective measures. Some believe that children feature in advertisements as their innocence attracts attention while, some believe that over a period of time, especially in nuclear families, where children are brought up to be on their own and have relatively higher pocket money, they have become the decision makers or at least have a fair say in the decision of the family matters. Media exposure has made them aware about the various products available for certain use and hence they become surrogate sales person. Children are usually involved in the family decision making when buying durable electronic products or cars. Children have become a major target audience for the advertisers. Children like ads and believe that things or situations shown in ads actually exist. They pester their parents to purchase the product of their choice or…show more content…
In Sweden, no advertisements aimed at children below 12 can appear, advertisements are prohibited before or after children programmes. Australia has banned advertising during pre-school children programmes. Netherlands limits the advertising during children programmes. In Finland, McDonalds cannot promote toys in its advertisements. In Denmark, Finland and the Netherlands, characters or presenters from children programmes cannot appear in advertisements. In the US, complaints on advertisements can be filed to Federal Trade Commission, state regulators and other self regulatory

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