Heritage Foundation, By Edwin J. Feulner Summary

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“The average household forced to obtain food from food pantries and soup kitchens earned, $10,320, which equaled 1/77 of Feulner’s salary and 1/61 of Demuth’s.” Berg inserts this text to explain the ridiculous amount of money presidents of companies make. Edwin J. Feulner, president and CEO of the Heritage Foundation, had a total compensation of $799,393 out of the total $46 million the company had in revenue in 2005. Similarly, the president and CEO at American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research, Christopher DeMuth, reeled in a whopping $630,250. The text that began this paragraph explains the rest of the statistics Berg places in his work to help a visualization process of the comparison and problem at hand. He uses the hefty sized numbers to effectively grab the attention of the reader.…show more content…
However, they have also worked very hard to get to that point. Whether it be the monetary expenses these type of men paid for their education, or the physical and mental expense they have been through, many of them were not handed these opportunities. Countless hours of hard work and determination have brought them to the comfortable situation they are in now. On the other hand, these large income people should still donate or use some of their fortune to help the cause of hunger in this country. A small tab of what they make could change many lives. Many of them very well might help to feed the hungry too, and that is terrific, but if we could attach as many high salary professionals to ride that train as well, this country could conquer hunger in a matter of a few

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