Social Determinants Of Health Essay

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Introduction The main focus of this assignment is to apply three social determinants of health to the dilemma between healthy eating and staying above the poverty line. Food insecurity, low wages, and single-parent households, among many others, demonstrate how social determinants of health are impacted. The three social determinants of health that impact the problem of poverty and health are: income and social status, healthy child development, and employment/working conditions. Jane Taber’s “The dilemma between healthy eating and staying above the poverty line”, depicts the challenges that a single mother of eight must deal with to survive. The article highlights the challenges that impoverished Canadian families encounter when faced with…show more content…
In regards to poverty and healthy eating, there are many implications for nursing practice. Cohen and McKay (2010) explained the importance of addressing child and family poverty but also addressed the implications that these problems have on nursing. Resources Resources can be seen as a major implication for nursing practice. In low-income communities, there tends to be very little to no resources for a nurse to work with. Resources also apply to the amount of nursing staff available to provide care. Although there may be many programs that nurses wish to support, “… limited staffing and high demands” (Cohen, Mckay, 2010, section 3) may leave them unable to do so resulting in no community care programs. Being unable to provide necessary care due to resources is another implication that poverty has on nursing. Frustration and Hopelessness Often nurses become frustrated and hopeless when faced with the task of addressing poverty in a community. Once nurse explained, “To me, when you’re a human being, you should have the right to at least have food and have a house that’s decent and reasonable” (Cohen, McKay, 2010, section 3). Nurses often feel they are doing everything in their power but there is no change or willing to change. This is another implication on nursing that poverty makes
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