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Situation Analysis Internal Environment Dr. Pepper Snapple’s mission statement is, “To be the best business in the Americans.” (Our Mission, n.d.)The overall business objectives is to increase presence in high margin channels and packages, strength route-to market through acquisitions and improve operating efficiency, to build and enhance leading brands, focusing on opportunities in high growth and high margin categories . (Our Mission, n.d.) Resources. DPS has reached a unique distribution deal with the Coke Cola Corporation to be the only non-Coke product distributed in their new fountain machine. The new deal includes an agreement for DPS brands to be sold to some of Coke’s fountain customer business (BAUERLEIN, 2010). Marketing function. Marketing for the Dr. Pepper Snapple…show more content…
The company also has an integrated IT network to make sure all operations are run smoothly. (Harrison, 2011) Technology Environment DPS uses technology to create new flavors, such as TEN which is marketed as a diet drink that does not taste diet (Thomas, 2012). Due to the growing concern of health and wellness DPS has develop new products such as; Snapple Regular Half ‘n Half Lemonade Iced Tea and Hawaiian Punch Aloha Morning these drinks have a lower sugar content. The company has also developed new flavors for Motts, which is their juice brand. (Bailey S. , A Must Know Overview of DrPepper Snapple, 2014) SWOT Analysis DPS budget for marketing has increased and they are focusing on brand development, availability, and marketing. One thing that could help is to market TEN to reach a larger public and not aiming specifically at men. DPS should include healthier low calorie drinks they have begun to show more vitamin content on some of the Snapple products, this is a beginning but they should still focus marketing more drinks to show the health value. (Harrison,
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