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Shakira Shakira is a pop singer from the country of Colombia in South America. Shakira's birth name is Shakira Isabel Mekbarak Ripol. Despite her Colombian decent, Shakira's name is actually Lebanese. Shakira was born on February 2 1977 to a Colombian mother and Lebanese father. As a child, Shakira had always enjoyed music of all kinds. By the age of eight she was writing her own songs. Her first song was about her father's sunglasses and it was titled Tus Gafas Oscuras. At age thirteen, she was competing in singing contests and beauty pageants. With her pageant upbringing Shakira was able to travel to Bogata, Colombia's capital city for her very first modeling job. To her disappointment, the job fell through. Although her childhood modeling career took a hit, she landed a record deal with Sony Colombia.…show more content…
Her first album was Magia, an album with songs she had written from 8-13. With a record deal under her belt Shakira was chosen to perform at a Spanish Music Festival in representation of her country. However, because she was not sixteen years old she was not able to perform. After graduating high school, she released her second album Peligro. Although these albums were available in Spanish speaking countries, they were not ever released in the United States. With her two albums not being as sucessful as she had hoped, Shakira took a break from music and pursued acting. She acted on a Colombian soap opera for a year before going back to her

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