Nurses Influence Patient Advocacy

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Advocacy is the “act or process of supporting a cause or proposal. It’s one that pleads, defends, or supports a cause or interest of another” (Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary 2009). In nursing this deals with the relationship between the patient, the family, and the nurse. It allows the patient’s voice to be heard, makes sure the patient has adequate and the correct care, his/her essential needs heard, and gives them a chance to criticize and give suggestions about future care (Wachenheim). Patient Advocacy started with a “movement in the 1970s” (Hanks, 2008). From there it grew exponentially as people realized the importance of this. This movement culminated in 1996 when Nancy Davenport-Ennis developed a foundation to help patients have…show more content…
Nurses observe patients care more than anyone else and therefore have the responsibility to be the voice for their patients. Nursing is the most trusted position and the better relationship a nurse has with their patient the better care they’ll receive. This impacts the patient’s in a positive way, as their needs are heard but also has a positive impact on the nurses themselves. Most nurses joined the profession to help people, and by fully being able to advocate on the patients behalf, nurses can feel like they are doing their job more effectively and helping their patients to the best of their…show more content…
The ANA identifies advocacy for safe and effective practice environments as a responsibility of nurse. Nurses are required to work through appropriate channels, and they are expected to have specific advocacy skills and knowledge. Some of these skills include, knowledge, community service, peer review, mentoring, and development of knowledge, communications, and collaboration. Nurses who become advocates for the patients have to have good character; they must also be trustworthy and very well educated. These nurse advocates are informing the patient and their family about very important and in most cases life changing information. To fulfill the role as a patients advocate, they have to uphold a different type of relationship that goes beyond just being the nurse, they are now a voice. The Department of Health and Human Services has laws explained in their Federal Register, Standards for Privacy of Individually Identifiable Health Information, that are available to every patient all the time, but especially when the patient is seeking an advocate. Those same laws are available to advocates as well so they understand fully their role both ethically and

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