Code Of Ethics And Ethical Issues In Nursing

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With the innovation of technology comes the new era of how nursing is practiced. Hence, the likelihood of ethical and/or legal issues pertaining to nursing informatics (NI) and its practice. The code of ethics can help nurses to respect each patient’s beliefs and values (Duran & McNutt, 2010). Duran and McNutt (2010) stated that the code of ethics is the cornerstone for any profession which provides a social contract within which the society serves, as well as ethical and legal guidance to all members of the profession. Hence, as a guideline, the code can be used to assist nurses and other professional groups when conflict or disagreement arises about correct practice or behavior. The purpose of this paper is to discuss two observed ethical and/or legal problems in NI found in this writer’s work setting, analyzed these problems, and…show more content…
Health care providers are at risk for participating in ethical and/or legal practices, whether knowingly or unknowingly. The first observed ethical and/or legal practice that is observed by this writer is physicians’ noncompliance to computerized physician order entry (CPOE). The policies and procedures at this writers organization strictly states that physicians should enter their own orders when feasible, only give verbal orders in emergency situations, and stay on the telephone until the order is entered and read back. Tschannen, Talsma, Reinemeyer, Belt, and Schoville (2011) also stated that when a verbal or telephone order is accepted, it should be entered into the CPOE system and then read back to the physician who has given the order. By stating back the information to the physician giving the order, the authors concur that the transcriber verify that the complete order has been received and understood. However, not all physicians are complying with these rules and regulations which can lead to ethical and/or legal

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