The Stereotypes Of Arabs In Hollywood Film

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Racism is a mentality, and it is a way of thinking that you see a certain race superior to the others. To begin with, REEL BAD ARABS is a documentary about how Hollywood view the image of Arabs and how they present Arabs in their movies. There are many stereotypes concerning Arabs, Stereotype (according to our slides), is “Overgeneralized belief that a certain trait, behavior, or attitude characterizes all members of some identifiable group.” In Hollywood movies, what is the director trying to show is that there are many patterns of Arab stereotypes, Stereotypes such as “Arabs are terrorists”, “Arab women are belly dancers “Also, there are many negative images about Arabs in the minds of Americans, not only created by the media but also the…show more content…
In Hollywood films, Americans have a fictional setting called “Arab land”, and in Arab land according to Americans, you have music, the desert is always a threatening place, palm trees, also according to Americans there is a stereotype saying in Arab world that is, “Where they cut your ears if they don’t like your face). Again this is a negative stereotype about Arabs. Stereotypes are very problematic, “they can rob an entire people of their humanity”, stereotypes can cause Dehumanization, and people can consider another race less humans and sub humans because of stereotypes. “Stereotypes are not born with, and they are grown with people, once one is adopted, it will never be changed." According to Hollywood movies, Arabs are violent people, they seek Violence, Violence – is killing or damaging someone for a specific reason, where in films such as “Public Enemy”, the producer is showing that Arabs kills innocent people and have no mercy. Also, there are films that show that Palestinians kill Israelis with no mercy, murdering women and killing kids. All of these negative stereotypes about Palestinians are created by

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