Middle School Baseball Research Paper

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Baseball is a fun and very competitive sport. It is played from all ages around the world. Baseball is a favorite sport of many, kids play it all the time. And one of the best parts about baseball is that it can really help with your body strength, mostly your arms and legs. After you play baseball for several years you become very flexible and have very good endurance and agility. Baseball is a very popular sport that takes a lot of skill. thats why most kids think that it needs to be a sport in middle school. There are tons of kids in middle school grade who love baseball and wish that middle school had a baseball team. They really wish that our middle school had a baseball team,they would try their hardest to be on it. On most recreational baseball team there are some really good baseball players and some that are awful at baseball. The really good kids can go on the school baseball team and get off the team that has the terrible players on it all the way until they graduate high school. One of the main reasons that the kids with talent are on the terrible team is that the parents don't have enough money for them to play select baseball. The school can provide several things that can be pretty expensive.And on the school baseball team there are no kids with absolutely no talent, one the school baseball team you have to try out for the team and hopefully make it.…show more content…
That is why teams who don't cut players of the team have fifteen to twenty kids on the team, and that is no fun for the kids who are really good. It is smart to cut players out if they have no talent or skill in that sport so the next time that player gets a chance to sign up for the team they would have worded very hard to get on the team. That is why it is good to cut poorly skilled

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