Ethical Issues With Smartphone

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Twenty year ago when I started my career as a nurse, there were no smartphones. There were paper charting and phone calls for communication. But two decades later, most of us could not imagine a day without our smartphones. Smartphone allow us to use multiple ways to communicate. Not just making a phone call, but texting and instant messaging (IM). You also have access to your email, video conferencing and video calling. And let’s not forget Twitter and Facebook. Medical devices and apps are helpful tools and their features are expected to expand to become more widely used in every aspect of clinical practice. But what are or is there some ethical issues when it relates to smartphone and mobile devices. Examine the Ethical Dilemma My purpose for choosing smartphone and mobile devices is that, these technologies are becoming more rapidly used in healthcare technology. And the trends towards the use of mobile device have shown to have a positive impact with patients’ health and healthcare professionals can build a relationship with the patient, which will help them to closely monitor their care. Some of the units at my hospital have assigned phones that are handed out at…show more content…
Mobile devices are a part of information science and communicate data. Smartphones and mobile devices have its benefit to healthcare, but there are risks. There is a possibility of compromising the patient’s information though a security breach, which makes many question the safety of the connectivity of a hospital environment. Each of the articles discussed the use of mobile devices and the possible ethical implications. And how difficult it is as a healthcare professional to determine when using a mobile devices is appropriate and when it’s
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