L A Confidential Film Noir

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The film L.A Confidential directed by Curtis Hanson was released to theaters in 1997 and immediately gained positive attention of film critics. This film is categorized as a film noir that also adopted certain aspects of the neo-noir. The film is set in the 1950s and involves three LAPD detectives that are investigating a series of crimes that has occurred at the Nite Owl coffee shop, in central L.A. We follow these detectives on their journey to solving these crimes and we come across the power of justice. We encounter corruption in the LAPD, where money and fame make us question the forces morality and whether the truth was presented to the public. In this paper, I will be analyzing a still frame that I believe includes elements that are…show more content…
In this image, we know this is the setting because can see the large sign indicating "V" in the background. In L.A confidential, the Victory Motel is a location that plays a very significant role in the storyline. This abandoned motel is a place where illegal interrogations were safe to take place. Towards the end of the film, at this exact location is where we find out the truth about the multiple crimes that had occurred at the Nite Owl coffee shop. This location is also where occurs a final shoot-out scene of detective Exley and captain Smith. Where Smith surrenders and admits to being the mastermind behind the Nite Owl homicides. Earlier in the film, Smith asked Exley "would you be willing to shoot a hardened criminal in the back?" and he responded with no. Towards the end of the film, Exley had grown into a stronger and more courageous detective. Which led him to give in to shooting Captain Smith in the back causing him to die immediately. Police officers arrive on the crime scene and that is the exact representation of the still image I had taken from the film. The Victory Motel symbolized Exley finding out the truth and solving the Nite Owl homicides, quite the ironic

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