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Abstract The main purpose of this article is to analyze and inquire three professional nursing affiliations. The three professional affiliations that I selected for review are Oncology Nursing Society, Academy of Neonatal Nursing, and Emergency Nurses Association. The following aspects of the professional nursing affiliations are tackled in the article: 1) the description and the scope of the affiliations; 2) the mission and value of the affiliations; 3) the journal or email newsletter the organizations utilize. All three selection was made based on personal interest. Literature Review: Professional Affiliations The three professional nursing affiliations that are reviewed and studies in this article are Oncology Nursing Society,…show more content…
The academy have more than 6000 members who trust ANN to deliver the latest researches and evidence-based practice and care for neonatal nursing. (ANN, n.d). Mission and Core Values The main mission of the Academy of Neonatal Nursing is to provide high quality education for health care professionals working across all levels of neonatal care. They believe that the future of NICU nursing rest with many quality research that can ultimately help to improve outcomes for newborns and their families. (ANN, n.d). Professional Journal The Academy of Neonatal Nursing is a proud supporter of The Foundation for Neonatal Research and Education. They have a specific journal for all their members. You will need to sign up and make an account to access their journals. By becoming an Academy member, a portion of membership fee will help to support many neonatal research projects. (ANN, n.d). Personal…show more content…
This organization has a vision to guide and influence the transformation of cancer care. The core value of ONS are guiding principles for their organization, their leaders, and their members. (ONS, n.d.). Professional Journal The official journal of Oncology Nursing Society has two acclaimed oncology nursing journals and also their flagship news magazine. (ONS, n.d.). It is a peer-reviewed journal which provided oncology nursing forums which provides many different research regarding evidence-based findings that focus on quality of care for cancer patients. The also provided Oncology Nusing Society Voice which is their official news magazine that is important and crucial resources for many oncology nurse. Their website is updated on a weekly basis and you can also print their monthly issues. Personal

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