Narrative Essay: Rogue River Rafting With Orange Torpedo

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Rogue River Rafting with Orange Torpedo Rogue River Rafting is real fun and if done right with the help of a professional, it can be an experience you never thought you’d be a part of. The river runs wild and you may or may not encounter Mary’s pothole while merrily paddling along at your leisure. The question often comes to mind as to when would be the best time to venture out on the river? There is never really a good time as the river will not be easier or more difficult to experience at any particular time. It does make sense though to opt for a company such as Orange Torpedo as they have guides who know what they are doing, and they stick around long enough to see to it that everyone paddling makes it through safely before they would continue paddling with the rest of the group.…show more content…
Second to that is ensuring everyone have endless fun, and that for a whole three days. You do not get any better than that. Feeling Pumped at All Times and Full of Energy The food that keeps coming ensures that everybody on board his or her paddle remains pumped and full of energy while Rogue River Rafting. Whether you are a big guy or not, you all need a fair amount of energy to successfully maneuver the white water. This is why most visitors to Orange Torpedo cannot complain about not being fed properly. Breakfast, lunch and supper offers plenty of lip smacking, nutritious meals to keep you going. Besides, everything you need is provided such as plates and utensils and even a hand sanitizer. The kind of food you can look forward to in the lodges range from roast beef, mash potatoes, hot chocolate, vegetables, bread, desert, and so much more... One more thing. Nothing beat the ability to have a nice warm shower and a solid bed that is super comfortable so you can have a good night’s sleep to enable you to tackle the various challenges on the Rogue River the following

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