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PARSI COMMUNITY :- BATTLE WITHIN Introduction Parsis,are the group of people who have migrated possibly from Far, Persia, now settled in Mumbai, India. They are basically distinguished by their commitment to the Zoroastrian faith. The practitioners of Zoroastrian who fled from Greater Persia during the eighth to tenth century Conformite Europeene, the Parsi community settled mostly around Sindh and Gujrat areas. The empire of which they were part :- Sasanian Empire included not only the present Iran but also its surrounding area stretching up to what is now called Central Asia. The Parsi are the community which basically from the Far Persia, who migrated and got settled here in India, there basic ideology is basically to follow the Zoroastrian…show more content…
This thing is yet not sure but due to the reason he is a very respectful person in the history of Parsi and their community. Parsi Religion Parsi, they basically and seriously strictly follows the religion of Zoroaster, a prophet of the seventh century Before Christ from the region between Hind Kush and Seista. Their belief system includes ideas about the creator god, good and evil forces, individual choices, heaven and Hell, the last judgement and eternal life. They also follow the same and strict rules like Hindus but in a bit different and liberal manner which makes them easily established in the country but due to the reason they are migrated society and not already existing society, That is the reason they are treated as the outside group. The duties or to say clergy is divided into Duties i.e high priest and Cleric. There are no women functionaries nor are there monastic orders. Like other societies in this society also women are subordinated from several duties and functions. Priests can…show more content…
They do not have any particular art form or performing arts although some modern artists follow Western models. Parsi Marriages Parsi marriages are know as Lagan and is conducted with the tireless devotion or enthusiasm. Customs and Traditions observed in the Parsi Lagan are quite different from the traditional Hindu marriage which makes the a lot more fun and interesting. Parsis are Disappearing According to the 2011 survey, population of the Parsi fell by eighteen percent in the decade 2001-2011. In 2001 the tiniest of India’s religious minority numbered around sixty nine thousand. This was the sharpest decline in the community population after the 1981 when the census reported twenty seven thousand fall over the previous decade. One of the earliest associates of Mahatma Gandhi’s associates was Parsi, also Field Marshall Sam Manekshaw, who was legendary for his exploitation in military and Bhabha who has been referred as the Father on nuclear sciences were all Parsi. Maharashtra has Parsi population of 44,854- the highest in any state. Delhi has just two hundred twenty one. The population has getting fallen down from lakhs to

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