The Pros And Cons Of Peer Pressure

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QUESTION 4 Peer pressure is any kind of influence of children friends and people of his age that makes him rethink his values, goals and behaviour that may lead to a certain kind of a change in the child’s behaviour. Peer pressure is strongly affect people in their teenage years since that is the beginning level where children tend to learn a new things without depending hundred percent on parents guidance. The transition of behaviour is based on the lifestyles of their circle of friends. It is a great opportunity to begin developing themselves that provided personal growth and professional development. Peer pressure can have both positive and negative effects. On the positive side, it helps the children to develop a close affiliation…show more content…
For century, there’s so many activities have been done towards cigarettes awareness but it shown a slow moving positive responds towards the issue. It statistically shown the percentage of people died caused by smoking cigarettes are getting higher every year yet none of the right action have been made to stop and vanish the issues. In my opinion, the government should take a legal action to outlaw all cigarettes and other tobacco products in Malaysia with objective to achieve a better healthy lifestyle…show more content…
This obviously a sole reason why lots of working people have a limited time for them to spare their time with the family including taking care of their elderly parents and kids. Every citizen has their own way on how to handle this problem that arise but whatever they’re doing is what they think the best for them and the people the love and care. In my opinion, I think it is ethical to put our parents in a nursing homes or old folks home if no one could take a look at them during working

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