Case Study: Institutional Affiliation

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Team Building Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Part One Todd Ramos, RN is the nursing administrator who has been with Thomason Health System for over 30 years. In that case, Ramos has been holding a position of managing the nursing staff, scheduling shifts, managing the medical records together with maintaining proper inventory of supplies. However, facing the nursing shortage, Ramos has worries that the staff will be stretched too thin with the required training for EMRs but has confidence that the shift will be beneficial in the long run. Jennifer Kline, is in charge of monitoring the technician and assisting the nursing department by monitoring cardiac rhythms. Conversely, this position requires that Kline should work…show more content…
However, having worked in other organizations which has EMRs, she is fully interested in EMRs and very inquisitive about why THS did not have them in the first place. Accordingly, she strongly claims that the EMRs will streamline the processes and allow doctors to spend enough time with their patients. In that case, Dr. Trevor has been supporting the project while expressing her own experience with several other staff members. Gene Rosario, MD, is the primary care physician. However, he has held the management positions in the past but prefers to work in clinics. Conversely, he is against the EMRs since he believes they are tiresome and feels doctors will lose autonomy. Furthermore Dr. Rosario is worried is worried that the costs incurred for the case of EMRs will limit the charity services. Frances Hays, RN, is a nursing administrator and has been within the THS for the past 17 years. However, she is responsible for managing the nursing staff in conjunction with the operations of the department. Additionally, the other responsibility of Hays is nurse orientation in conjunction with helping to facilitate team building exercise for the new ad incoming staff. Conversely, Hays is against the use of EMRs since she feels it is time consuming and might cause the staff to lose the communication…show more content…
One of them is a new graduate and has just recently joined the hospital’s health care system. She is a pediatrician that seems to have some experience with the process of an EMR system. She is very supportive of the introduction of a new EMR system. In fact, four out of the five doctor are supportive with the exception of one. Dr. Gene Rosario has been with the hospital for over 32 years and does not welcome the change. The other five team members are made up of two nurses, a radiology technologist, one monitor technician, and a chief information officer with a Ph.D. Four of these team members are believers in the new EMR system. One of them is a nurse who believes that the new system will be time-consuming and hence seem to be totally against the

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