Nurse Practitioner Research Paper

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A nurse practitioner is basically a registered nurse with more education and training. The least education is a four-year degree, after they have received their bachelor’s degree they will have to complete a master’s or a doctorate program. If someone wanted to become a nurse practitioner they cannot have an associate in nursing. A nurse practitioner has to pass the NCLEX-RN to become a registered nurse then get a nurse practitioner degree that can take anywhere from two to four years. A nurse practitioner can work in a variety of environments like the hospital, clinics, schools, and own their own private practices depending on the state lived in. The duty of a nurse practitioner is like a regular nurse’s job but they can do more but a little less than a job of a doctor. They work under supervision of a doctor but can do just as much. They can diagnose patients, prescribe medication, conduct physical exams, and educate the patients and many more. (Family Nurse Practitioner, 2013.)There are specific types of nurse practitioners that have different jobs with different salaries. There is the neonatal nurse that work with infants, gerontology they work with treating short and long-term medical conditions, and a house call nurse practitioner that work with independent companies that hire…show more content…
They are an important factor in health care setting. A nurse practitioner research the problem and teach not just the patient but their families as well about healthy living. (What is a NP, 2012.) I think because a nurse practitioner is like a doctor and physician makes them important since they can do just as much. If someone has a primary practitioner they go to it could save them a lot of money. Nurse practitioners gives patient access to preventive care through aggressive testing which saves money in the long
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