Comparing 'Lamb To The Slaughter'

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Gothic Literature Final comparative Essay Gothic fiction, which is largely dominated by the sub genre gothic horror is a genre or mode of literature that combines fiction horror and romanticism . Its origin is attributed to English author Horace Walpole , with his 1764 novel The castle of otranto which was considered a gothic story. “Lamb to the Slaughter” is about a woman that is pregnant that has a husband that is a detective. The husband has some bad news that she doesn’t want to understand. That led the woman to kill her own husband.” The Tell-Tale Heart” is about a man that has trouble with an old man who has a vulture eye and that makes the man kill him.The stories have the gothic…show more content…
Mary was really happy when her husband would get home.Then Mary would ask her husband if he was hungry that she would make super but her husband told her that he has some news to tell her.In the story it doesn’t say what her husband told Mary . By the way that Mary reacted it seems that it was bad news. Mary decides to ignore her husband and continues to prepare diner.Next, her husband told her that he was going to eat somewhere else .Mary goes to the freezer and takes out a piece of leg lamb then she goes and hits her husband and kills him.The author writes “All, right so I’ve killed him.” (pg.2).This gothic element affected the story because mary killed her husband from some bad news that she didn’t want to…show more content…
When Mary hit her husband she continued to make diner like nothing happened and baked the lamb. Next, mary decided that she was going to go to the store so when she called the police sam can tell them that mary was in the store when someone killed her husband. Mary did that so they wouldn’t suspect her. So when she got home she called the police and they asked her some questions . Next, they asked her where was she when this happen and she said she went to the store . Also, before the police left mary asked them if they can eat the lamb because she said that her husband would be mad if they left his house before eating so they did. Only if the police knew that they are eating the evidence that they are looking for the on that killed mary’s husband.The author said”The weapon is probably right under our

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