Registered Nurse Practitioner Research Paper

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1. The abbreviation “RN” stands for Registered Nurse. When becoming a registered nurse, you must graduate from an accredited nursing school, receiving an Associate Degree in Nursing or a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing. When receiving an Associate’s Degree it normally takes 2 years, but a bachelor can take up to 4-5 year to receive. As a registered nurse you perform number of duties from observing and assessing patients’ health on any level of need. Also can perform clinical duties such as educating a patient on a surgery, health, or etc. The salary of registered nurses can range 64,690-80,000 depending on experiences, location of employment, and also specialty. A registered nurse has the possible places of employment opportunity in…show more content…
The abbreviation “NP” stands for Nurse Practitioner. When becoming a nurse practitioner, you must earn a master’s degree from an accredited program. Nurse practitioners are basically a registered nurse with an additional 2 years beyond the bachelor’s degree in nursing, which is totaling 6-8 years of schooling. A nurse practitioner can provide the similar job duties as a registered nurse but with just a little more advancement, such as providing patients’ with medicines and treatment, perform and order diagnostic tests and analyze results, and conduct research. The expected salary of a nurse practitioner on averages is $90,583. Same as a registered nurse, a nurse practitioner can also work in hospital, nursing homes, and physician’s offices, schools, and…show more content…
The abbreviation “PT” stands for Physical Therapist. To become a Physical Therapist, you will need to first receive a bachelor’s degree (4), then submit admission to a Doctor of Physical Therapist program, that normally last 3 years, and last at least a 1 year of residency. Also all states require a physical therapist to be licensed before beginning practicing. As a physical therapist you assistant vary of patients to improve the movement and also to manage their pain. Also a physical therapist can diagnose a patient dysfunctional movement by observing them stand or walk or other methods. The expected salary of a physical therapist is $80,000. As a physical therapist you can practice in variety of settings such as hospital, outpatient clinic, home health agencies, school and also their own private

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