Nurse Practitioner Research Paper

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According to, “a nurse practitioner is a nurse who is qualified to treat certain medical conditions without the direct supervision of a doctor.” Becoming a nurse practitioner involves a high amount of responsibility and an extensive knowledge of all aspects of the human body. Nurse practitioners have both high demands, and unique relationships and interactions with patients. To become a nurse practitioner a person is required to go to school for at least six years. The student must already be a registered nurse and has to obtain a master’s degree in nursing. To achieve a master’s degree she must take courses in Anatomy and Physiology, along with several other courses. A student may attend a technical college to obtain her registered nursing license, but then is required to transfer to a four year college to finish out her master’s degree. For a student to even get her R.N. she must first be able to pass a state boards exam, which is an exit exam for nursing school. According to Jessica Eiland, Registered Nurse, the state boards were the hardest thing about nursing school.…show more content…
Candace Wilson, Nurse Practitioner states, she would like to not only keep her current specialization in family practice, but she also feels it’s relevant for her to obtain her specialization in oncology. Each specialization has different jobs. Neonatal Nurse Practitioners are among the highest paying specialties in nursing. A nurse who specializes in neonatal care must take in-depth courses in pharmacology, pediatric health, and nursing care for high-risk newborns (Nurse Practitioner
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