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Matthew Menke CIV 201 Section 8 Taufiq Rashid 3/24/2015 There have been three main civilizations that we have covered in CIV 201 so far, the early river valley civilization of southern Mesopotamia, the Late-Vedic civilization of India, and the early Persian Empire. All three of these civilizations have had their fair share of challenges that include; Methods of Organizing Economic Activity, Methods of Organizing and Legitimizing Authority, and Methods of Organizing Social Relations. The early river valley civilization of southern Mesopotamia had one of the three main challenges within a few years after its creation of its main structure, the leadership roles begin to change from a priest dominated leadership to a warrior leadership (Smith, Mieroop, Glahn, & Lane, 2012). This was due to the increase in population and such a bigger need for agriculture grounds, which lead…show more content…
But the rulers and kings did not have full power over the people at all times, Their main purpose was to regulate the economy and create a source of protection and order within the society’s religious beliefs set forth by the society’s priest. However this authority only applied to the citizens in an external affairs state of mind versus within the social ranks, A new set of codes where being established, these would be introduced as Hammurabi’s code. For which everybody in the social classes would follow, this would also apply to all the city states that would be conquered in the future (Smith, Mieroop, Glahn, & Lane, 2012). During the early part of the early river valley civilization of southern Mesopotamia the women had rights but they were not regarded under the law. Some of these rights included the women could divorce a man and take back her dowry if the man was at fault, and a woman could enter into

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