Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Research Paper

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From a young age, I could remember that infamous question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” I was not your typical little girl who would just want to be a princess or a fairy, I always wanted to be something in the medical field with the exception of wanting to be a chef. I have bounced around from wanting to be an ultrasound tech, to a dermatologist and finally came to the conclusion that I want to be a pediatric nurse practitioner (PNP). I have always enjoyed working with children and the medical aspect of it has always intrigued me as well. Here is why I want to major in nursing. Nurse practitioners (NPs) are advance practiced registered nurses (APRNs) who often focus on specific areas or populations that include pediatrics,…show more content…
Once you do this, you qualify to take your NCLEX exam, otherwise known as the National Council Licensure Examination, which is a standardized test that determines whether or not you’re qualified to practice entry level nursing. Some graduate schools require you to have a couple of years of experience while some schools allow you to work while earning a graduates degree (How to Become a Nurse Practitioner | Neonatal Nursing Programs). Whether or not you want to take a break from school and work, or just go for it, is totally up to you. I, however plan to work while obtaining my…show more content…
They have a highly competitive nursing program that receives more applications than they have spots available. It is known to be the most compacted major on campus and in fact, almost 80% of students that graduate from the school, major in nursing (Traditional BSN (Entry-Level Freshmen) Program Overview). I want to go to Fullerton because I believe they have the best nursing program out there that’ll suit my educational and financial needs. One of the other reasons why I would like to attend this university is because one of the most well respected nurses in my hometown, Debbie Brimer, attended there years ago. It was an absolute honor to be able to talk to her about how she got her RN from being in the navy then continued to further her education at Fullerton. She told me that it was a great program to be in, the faculty was great, and that even though it was challenging, it is well worth it in the end. Debbie is now working in the Antelope Valley High School district as a nurse at Pete Night High School for 10 years. She also works at The Antelope Valley Hospital as an RN Case Manager and she has been doing so for 34 years. From her experience, she says her career is very rewarding. She receives a great salary, a flexible work schedule, and it is a great opportunity to network and meet a lot of new people. She recommends you to work on your people skills for those are crucial for this field of work. She also advises you to study hard and

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