Nurse Practitioner Research Paper

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Nurse Practitioner 1. How long has it been since a family member or you have been to the Nurse? You might say a while, or you might say I get a checkup every six months. I want to be a Nurse Practitioner, the reason why I would like to be a Nurse Practitioner is to help other people, make people better, and what every honest person wants money! While becoming a nurse practitioner seems hard I am determined to make sure this dream comes true. A Nurse Practitioner job is too mainly 3,10“Diagnose and treat acute, episodic, or chronic illnesses, independently or as part of a healthcare team.” (Nurse Practitioner -Career) That is a variety of what Nurse Practitioners do. Being a Nurse Practitioner is a big responsibility, Nurse Practitioners need to be able to Communicate, Reason and Problem Solve, use math and science, manage oneself, people time and things, work with people, perceive and visualize (Oklahoma). There are probably many more things to this job, like staying humble. I think that staying humble would be a major part in being a nurse practitioner or any job…show more content…
There are several schools who offer programs for Nurse Practitioner, I have looked at many schools in Texas and in Oklahoma, which is Platt College in North Oklahoma City, and they cost Three thousand to twenty-nine thousand dollars (Oklahoma). 5 To become a nurse practitioner is a lot of work, and some hard working school. To actually become a Nurse Practitioner you need a master’s degree, or higher (Nurse Anesthetics). The biggest part of school to me for Nurse Practitioners is probably a very hard program. “Many schools are phasing out the Master’s Degree as a preparation for Nurse Practitioners. The Doctors of Nursing Practice (DNP) is the becoming the most common level of preparation.” (Oklahoma). A big part of this job is the College and education. That is why I want to find the right
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