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Loss. An emotion that has the potential to consume ones’ mind if the gaping void isn’t escaped. Being at a loss is a common feeling shared among everyone both young and old. Whether it is the loss of a relationship or a physical being, it can be significant and can affect ones’ life for better or worse. For example, in the painting Automat, a woman is looking down at her cup in a sealed off position appearing to be isolated and alone, but she may be spending her time there to collect her thoughts reflecting on a loss then moving on. The character Hamlet lost his father and is immobile, being in a state where he can’t progress in life, whereas my friend lost her dog of 14 years, believing that she will cherish the memories. The way that loss…show more content…
A close friend experienced the loss of a relationship, and experienced many emotions caused by the loss. My friend’s dog Robin recently passed away. She expected her pet companion to live a much longer life, but at an unexpected pace, her dog got sick and started having problems leading to not being able to function properly. She had her dog for 14 years and he grew up alongside her children and was the centre of their everyday life. When her husband was at work and her children were gone to school, her close companion was Robin who she treated like one of her children. The happiness and enjoyment from her dog was a big part of her life because they spent a lot of time together and it was genuine. The loss of Robin left a physical and emotional gap that lead her to feel isolated when her children and husband were away. Happiness. The emotion that she was missing, but could pertain it through the shared memories with Robin. Everyone has memories that lead to happiness or despair, and these emotions are shared by Hamlet and the woman isolated at the café, but are handled differently. My friend cherishing her memories and moving on, while Hamlet is trapped being unable to act in the state of

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