Musui's Story By Chapter Summary: The Samurai

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Musui’s Story The Samurai, warriors emerged as elite in feudal Japan, the idea of qualification for Samurai is usually highly disciplined; has morality known as Bushido; respect the courtesy; has a strong faith. In this book Musui’s story, the author Kokichi Katsu is not an ideal samurai, he breaks rules all the time, he could not find official employment, he got captured in a cage couple times, he stole and cheated, people always see him brawling in the street, he run away from home since he was very young, he always brings a lot of trouble to his family. However, after he experienced many challenges, when he turns 42 years old, he started to reflect his own actions and learn how to write and read when he got locked in a cage. And so, he…show more content…
There is no example better than Katsu Katsu, a low-ranking samurai who spent a lot of money to keep his luxury lifestyle. He does not have any official job but he would always entertain himself in the brothels, and buying costly swords. Eventually, all of his money would be gone and take on an enormous amount of debt. In order to pay his debt off Kokichi started to steal and commit crime and fall down to the bottom of society. Besides that, Kokichi has a way with manipulating the commoners to pay more tribute money than they were supposed to pay to their superior. Some of the commoners started to question about the abuse of power, so they were not willing to help him out. And also commoners can see he would go back to the debt routine again. The increases of samurai’s power abuse to the lower classes enraged the people and made them ashamed of their leaders behave. The virtue of samurai; honesty and sincerity, honors, self-control, live simplicity and frugality, began to disappear in the end of Edo era. They were too comfortable with how they live, that they barely have, obligate to commoners but they can take advantage of the social

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