Religious Themes In The Blind Side

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The Blind Side The Blind Side is a 2009 Christian movie starring Sandra Bullock which highlights a story about a homeless African American child, Michael Oher who was adopted by a white family. The family eventually adopted the child and brought him up as one of their own. The mother of the family that adopts him, Leigh Anne understands and identifies with what Michael is going through and eventually helps him to actualize his potential by beating all the odds against him. The movie contains several religious themes which are hugely applicable to my day to day current personal life. This paper reviews the film by looking at the various religious themes that were covered in the movie and their applicability in day to day life. The overriding religious theme in the movie is being protective of others and how this trait can help an individual to overcome challenges in one’s life. God protects us from the evil things, paving our way so that we can be able to achieve greatness. In the movie, Michael succeeds in life by making sure that he is protective of his family and those belonging to his side. When he is first tested, the only test he passes is the test on his protective instincts. By protecting him and making him…show more content…
The movie encourages the audience to accept everyone without looking at our differences with them. Leigh Anne and her husband are hugely accepting of Michael’s background and are willing to stand up for him whenever they feel that he is being discriminated by others. They also hire a democrat tutor to help Michael with his study and she ends up becoming their family friend. This is hugely applicable into our daily lives as it depicts how our lives could be more fulfilled by accepting those who are different from us. We should embrace people from different races as well as those who have differing political ideology so that our life can be filled with
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