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The Babylonians were a very successful city state. They conquered many city states but fell at other times. At one time they were the most successful city state in all of Mesopotamia. And at other times the Babylonians were broke and were conquered by other city states. The success of the Babylonians hung on the Hammurabi's Code which made the Organization of Babylon much easier to control. Finally, Babylon had advanced irrigation system and other luxuries that were reverred at the time. The Babylonians government was based upon one ruler which changed constantly.The most famous king (Hammurabi) treated his people with respect. He built beautiful streets that had various different colors of plants so the people had somewhere to go if…show more content…
Finally in 1595 BCE, Babylon was conquered by the Hittites. The Kassites followed babylon and both renamed the city Karanduniash. The Assyrians followed the Kassites which then took control of the whole region. The ruler of the Assyrian king Sennacherib totally ruined Babylon but Babylon revoltedeenetw b 705-681 BCE. After he was assassinated by his own son, his successor Esarhaddon rebuilt Babylon into its former glory.The city later rose in revolt against Ashurbanipal of Nineveh who took over the city but did not damage it. After the Assyrian empire fell, Nabopolassar and his son took over Babylon and made it independent. When he took over, Babylon regained itself and became one of Egypts most wealthiest city states at that time. Hammurabi was one of the influential kings of Mesopotamia, he was the king of Babylon between 1792-1750 BCE. Hammurabi was the heir of his father, King Sin-Mu. He fairly and quickly transformed the city into one of the most powerful cities in Mesopotamia. The Hammurabi's code of law was one of the many examples that shows how he helped Babylon. He created peace and encouraged prosperity throughout the city. Other examples of what he did was enlarge the walls that surrounded the city which helped keep the city safe against the enemy. He created many public works, that included building temples and canals. He was so successful that by 1755, he ruled all of Mesopotamia and named it Babylonia. When Hammurabi died the city

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