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No Easy Day is an autobiographical story about the Navy SEAL team that killed Osama bin Laden. The book is an in-depth look at the training, dedication and mentality that went into the mission that killed the number one terrorist, and founder of Al Qaeda. Through the first part of the non-fictional account, the author, who writes under the pseudonym of Mark Owen, describes his initial days training to become a more dignified SEAL, including the combat simulations, physical tests and gear/equipment training. Owen started in ‘Green Team,’ which was a training course in effort to be selected as part of the United States Naval Special Warfare Development Group, or DEVGRU. DEVGRU consists of the most elite SEALS, and was essentially SEAL Team Six.…show more content…
These individuals put together and executed the kill of the most sought after terrorist the United States had been searching for. In the book, Mark Owen talks about his experience with the Captain Phillips rescue, stating that President Obama took all the credit for the rescue. He said that the bin Laden assassination was no different. Obama took the credit, stating that he was responsible for getting the kill executed. Honestly, this may have changed the course of politics. In the novel a fellow SEAL states, “We just got this guy reelected,” (Owen 275). He also states that none of the SEALs were fans of Barack Obama, yet they respected him as Commander in Chief. If these SEALs didn’t get this mission done successfully, Barack Obama could have potentially not have been reelected for his second term. President Obama stated that he was the one who initiated the attack, and had it not been for him, it would have never been done. In the book, Owen is open that he did not support the President, and that he was not happy with him taking the credit for two big missions that he was apart of. During the post-attack speech given by Obama, in which he addresses the nation, the President didn’t even give accurate details about the raid, which takes away some of the

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