Sustainment Brigade Case Study

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The Sustainment Brigade (SB) when opening theater must provide mission command, conduct transportation management, conduct distribution and distribution management, and support movement control. The SB also supports the Reception, staging, onward movement, and integration (RSO&I). When opening a theater, the SB mission is to execute the Theater Sustainment Command’s (TSC) distribution plan by operating the theater base distribution hub. The SB other missions includes: supporting the Brigade Combat Teams (BCT) and separate units within their area of operation, perform operational support and sustainment, assists with limited material management functions for supported force, perform force reception and distribution operations, and perform human resources and financial management support (F202, 2015). The core of the…show more content…
The clerk sends up the requests to the Brigade Support Battalion’s SSA. If the item is on hand, the SSA will issue the Class IX part. If the item is not on hand, the SSA will request through the Sustainment Brigade. The request for issue goes up to the SB Item Manager, who passes the item through the pipeline. When the depot releases the item, the requestors, SAMS-1E clerk, can track the movement of the item. Once at the Aerial Port of Embarkation (APOE) it is sent by air to the Aerial Port of Debarkation (APOD). When this high priority, high visibility item reaches Kuwait, the 1st Theater Sustainment Command (1TSC) will receive the item. 1TCS handles the Centralized Receiving and Shipping Point (CRSP). Instead of shipping the item to the SB’s Logistics Support Area (LSA) in Iraq through the normal pipeline, they will ship the item straight to the requested Brigade Support Area (BSA) BSB SSA. The throughput process is when a step in the pipeline bypasses another to ensure high priority items makes it to the requesting unit in

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