One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest Critical Analysis

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The journal questions posted on blackboard were quality questions. I personally thought the questions in the journal could catalyze excellent discussions. They seem like the types of questions that could easily be used for a good indepth discussion during class. Or, if time doesn’t permit, students could comment on each other’s threads on blackboard for a different form of discussion. The same can go for reading reflections. Students can comment on each other’s reading reflections for a deeper analysis and discussion of each other’s thoughts. All the short stories we read were also very interesting. They all posed unique themes for discussion. The only ones that were difficult to understand were the poems. They took a little more energy to understand. It helped to look up some background of the poem or the author to fully understand the context of the poem. I wouldn’t particularly eliminate any of the readings, but my least favorite reading was Parsley. I think if we discussed the historical significance of the time and place this poem was referring to, it would be easier to understand and discuss. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest was an incredibly engaging book. It was easy to discuss the the significance of…show more content…
I found this project to be enjoyable and unique. It was fairly easy to hit the 30 post limit as long as you kept posting throughout reading the entire novel. While reading the novel, I just tried to take note of events taking place in the novel that I could post about while still staying true to my character. It was a good way to check that I was understand everything going on in the novel completely. But , it was difficult to have tumblr and twitter post that showed that you had a deeper analysis of the novel. The rubric to the project specified that we relate our post to madness. It was tough to expose angles of madness while posting as

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