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Mrs. Nelson and Ms. Hyvarinen Oral and Written Composition 21 September 2015 Expository Essay A job that has my interest is a sports analyst. The primary role of this job is to analyze or break down upcoming games, teams, insights and provide extra info to the fans.Without them fans would not know as many things as they do now about players,teams,etc. So basically this career is very helpful and benefits more than one person. This profession means a lot to me because as a fan sports analysts have really added another level to the sports I like.Sports analysts are often very helpful to fans. Also this field has a nice salary.This will allow me to support myself and make a great living.In addition sports analysis is something that intrests me and comes across to me as fun. Sports analysis had its origin in the early 1900s.While there were sports broadcasts from 1912, the first sports…show more content…
Becoming a sports analysts will not be easy at all,so I will do things now in order to make it happen.One thing that can help me is when watching sporting events pay attention to what the analysts say.This will help because by me studying them ut will help me if I become one.Also another thing is to try to get good grades in school.This will help me because having good grades will allow me to get a scholarship to college where I can study to become a sports analyst.These things will greatly increase my chances of becoming a sports

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