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SWOT analysis of JAARS JAARS is the brain child of a group MBA students from KIIT UNIVERSITY, BHUBANESWAR. We at KIIT SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT always strive to achieve success in our endeavors. So when we were presented with the assignment of creating a product that can be launched in the present day market, we were beaming with different ideas and perspective. After a fruitful session of brain storming we came up with the idea of JAARS. The name has originated from the initials of all the group members associated and the tag line for this company is “J A A R S – Spread Happiness”. The main motto of this product will be to provide seamless connectivity anywhere and everywhere. It will be a wireless assistant. You will be able to make calls, watch tv , listen to radio/ music. We will be able to control the device using voice command and also manually. It will be battery operated and will be able to charge wirelessly. Further plans are there to equip the device will solar panel to store energy, hence less of carbon footprint as we are a eco-friendly team.…show more content…
It will have a 2 physical buttons. One for switching on the device and the other for mute button. The device will be voice operated so proper quality speakers and microphone is a must. We also will integrate a front camera with an amoled (AMOLED, which stands for Active Matrix OLED, is a hybrid display technology that pairs the active matrix backplane from a traditional TFT display with an OLED display) screen. The device will be rectangle in shape with 1 TB hard disk. Setting up the device will be very easy and it will be light weight

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