Laboratory Budget Analysis

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Task 1.5 Usage of budgets Budget is a very significant stage of laboratory management. It is reflected as primary stages of management. Planning alignment is unique of most significant usage of make financial arrangements in laboratories. These processes take the laboratory management from short-term business and force it to pay attention for long-term. The laboratory will be capable to succeed its short period and long period aims over accurate make financial arrangements. Additional usage of budget is profits analysis. By means of profits analysis, the laboratory will be able to minimize the excess expenditures and the laboratory will be able to make a proper cash flow in the laboratory. A properly structured budget shows what aspects of…show more content…
It also can record the laboratory test information such as type of test, the date of the test and the name of the technician etc. This instruction storage is very useful for lot of reasons. Consider a situation when patient comes and ask for previous test results which have done earlier. This will be very difficult without having an order system. If an order system is there, all the information can be accessible very easy and quickly. As a result the order system is support for quick diagnosis in some situations like above. PATHOLOGY LABORATORY MANAGEMENT 16 Another use of order system is, it is able to keep record about the amounts of reagents and other laboratory related materials. Not enough chemicals and reagents at analyzing time and expiring of reagents can disturb the laboratory process. Therefore, it is very important to update the system up to date. Therefore, order system is very useful for a laboratory management. Placing orders of reagents, drop shipments and other related activities can be done by using order system. Unwanted wastage of money, materials, time and reagents can be prevented by using an order system. Leave Conditions There are four kinds of leave able to taken by the employee in…show more content…
Awareness of the terms and conditions about leave is very important for the both sides. If the employees take leaves by exceeding the provided terms and conditions, it will make complications in the process. Because of that the terms and conditions are very important in a company. Nonpayment and the payment details of regarding leaves have to be definitely stated with the intention of avoid the misperceptions and miscalculations among organization and the employee. Amounts of annual leaves, which can take without any payment reduction, vary according to the job specification and the type of the job. Number of annual leaves should be informed to the employee before recruiting him/her in to the job. It should be clearly mentioned in the terms and conditions paper that is provided to the employee before he/she joins to the company. The normal average of annual leaves that is provided for full time worker is about 28 – 30 days. All employees are entitled to 10 bank holidays. Other holidays that are taken more than annual leaves go as no payment

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