Negative Effects Of Cyberbullying

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Cyberbullying is a new thing to bullying as it seems like face to face bullying is bad it doesn’t seem like that since technology came out. Cyberbullying has a stronger effect on people like, when people spread rumors than more people on social media would start to bully you. Some people think they have people they depend on when they tell their personal problems to them. Then those people you told your problems to would start bullying you. Then some people in their teens could feel depression and want to kill themselves. According to Scientific American:Social media use is highly common among teenagers, said Michele Hamm. As social media has taken a hold to today’s youth it starts new ways for bullying. Apps like snapchat,instagram, facebook…show more content…
Trump went to a school in Detroit and talked about how some ages shouldn't have any social media for their fight against bullying. As it seems that some kids want to be popular like the other kids at their school so that's when some get peer pressured and bully other people. The question every kid coming home crying has asked their parent why does a person bully, some say it's because of the home they came from and want attention that they don't get at home. Or the real reason is they have been bullied before and the only way they won't feel sad is to bully someone else. That is why parents should have restrictions on their child’s phone it doesn't matter about the age. With face to face bullying that is a controlled environment,but cyberbullying is an uncontrolled environment because it spreads faster. Face to face doesn't travel as easy as cyberbullying because face to face stays at that one place it started at. It won't spread to the high school if it started at the middle school,it won't spread to Evergreen if it happened in Monroeville. When bullying happens and a person sees it and doesn't stop it that person would get in trouble because he or she was being a bystander and not taking up for that person that is being bullied. Stop
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