Candy In The Book Abarat

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The book Abarat is very intense, Candy Quackenbush has a father that is always drunk no matter what, and a mother who is really trying to give up on life. Candy is a normal girl that lives i in Chickentown, Minnesota but not a real place well Candy teacher, Miss Schwartz doesn't like Candy and she picks on her a lot. The teacher tells her to do a project, so she visits a hotel and enters room 19. Candy observes all these marks on the walls and she searches the drawers and finds a sextant. After she was finished she goes to the shore and suddenly ends up in the water and meets these creatures. She doesn't know what's going on but soon she will find out. Candy returns to school with the sextant but it's still not good enough for Mrs. Schwartz at all so she told candy she had an F for the day. Candy protested as if it wasn't fair because she thought she had listened to this whole spooky story and thought she found out stuff her teacher would like. But it was different she didn't like it all so candy was sent to the office, instead of going to the office candy scampered to the gate and went to the streets. As Candy finds herself walking down a slope road she eventually runs back and goes to tell norma the lady that works at the hotel…show more content…
So she jumped into the sea of Izabella with them and the severely freezing water as the waves kept crashing because the ball was out of the cup Mischief told Candy not to swim but to just let it do it for you and that's what she did. Candy searching for Shape she can't find him and John Slop explains to her that he has a glyph which can turn into a flying machine. As the sea creatures are playing cards candy needs help but since Deaux Deaux always loses he has to help Candy. But Deaux Deaux has a problem as well he can't find Mischief and his brothers but Candy not knowing that he a wanted criminal on many hours in the

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