Cyber Bullying: The Effects Of Cyberbullying

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This research observed the effects of cyberbullying which is not a new kind of threat anymore and its danger is keep increasing everyday due to the advancement of the technology which make cyberbullying are getting more complicated and become more difficult to solve. In order to prevent, to protect anyone from cyberbullying, it is essential to know the effects it has on victims. The writers hope that when combine the effects together with its cause it might be easier to solve such a problem.Social Media has now become an important part of our social aspect. Ideally, it is the place that people share their creativity, exchange their knowledge and connect people together. Unfortunately, social media have already destroyed a lot of people’s lives.…show more content…
Even it really doesn’t help the victim, but not to see the perpetrators could help victim feel safer. This choice is worth of consideration. The next choice is reported the perpetrators on social media. If the bully begins to relentlessly talking to the teacher or parents may not help. The victim must take screenshots of cyberbullying as an evidence. Then, consult with the police to stop this bullying.Most of the kids when facing cyber bullying often hide the problem from everyone. The reason why most of the victims tend to hide the problem from their parent because most of them fear of losing their privileges. Isolation is very dangerous, it would badly affect the victim psychologically. These kind of behavior could cause isolation and it is very dangerous. Isolation could lead to the feeling of loneliness and very likely to cause depression to the victim which increase the chance of suicide. Nowadays there are many website that trying to solve this cyberbullying problem, There are many informative website which will teach the children how to play the social media properly, how to prevent cyberbullying and how to use the internet with morality since they are very young so that they would be a good internet user in the future. These kind of websites could reduce the risk of cyberbullying within the online…show more content…
However, this paper also suggests the way to protect their children from being cyber bullied by someone else on the internet. The first suggestion is to monitor your children’s online activity. If you do not have much time or worry that you might not be able to look at all of them you might ask to someone trustworthy and close to your children so that they can help monitoring the online activity. Second, you should directly ask for password of your children’s laptop or personal computer in case of emergency and you can also track your children’s activity from the device too. The most important is to encourage your children not to hide if they are being bullied by someone else at school or online because no one deserve to be bullied. According to our research, there are many solutions proposed in order to solve the problem and prevent cyberbullying. Teaching students how to use the internet, social media and technology properly[2] is one of the methods that has been used around the world to increase the children’s immunity over cyberbullying. The simplest way and the easiest way is to block the perpetrators and report the evidence to parents and police[1]. Parents can also help their child by monitoring their children’s online behavior. However, we found something important from all these papers and researches. It is understanding.

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