Juanes: A Real Life Hero

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A real life hero When people hear the word hero, commonly think that is a person from a movie or from a cartoon, maybe someone with leggings or something like that. A hero ‘‘has superhuman abilities or characteristics of personality idealized or fantastic that allow him/her to do extraordinary and positives deeds by which the hero becomes famous’’ (Heroe). Personally I didn’t think a hero could exist in real life, but when I started to think what a hero is for me; I realized that I was wrong. A hero should be self-assured, altruistic, hard worker, should inspire trust and should have moral values. In that terms Juanes is a hero because he isn’t only a singer he is much more; he uses that to do good actions for his country and for the world.…show more content…
He’s famous all over the world, and he achieved that, singing in Spanish. Years ago Juanes appeared at the Grammys wearing a t-shirt with the phrase ‘’Se habla español’’ (in English: Spanish it’s spoken). Many artists sing in another language to get into those people that don’t speak their language. Juanes says that Americans singers succeed singing in English, and the Latin Americans accept them very well, so why he has to sing in English? He has proved to the world that he could achieve the same success or more than any artists, singing in his language. He has had sold out shows in the four continents, singing all of his songs in Spanish. Juanes has 10 years in the music world, and after 10 years he has only included a four word phrase in English in one song of his last album. He also has his country present in his songs. When you are listening to his songs, you notice that all of them has a little of the colombian rhythms. He likes to sing rock, pop and popular music, without leaving his origins. He has conquered the world with a mixture of popular music and colombian music. In his personal life he gives the first place to his family. If he thinks that he needs to spend more time with his family, he doesn´t think it twice. Family is very important to him, he has a wife and two little girls, and he takes them to the concerts, to use every opportunity, every break to be with his

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