Synchronicity Character Analysis

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Synchronicity 1. I think the message the story wants to convey is to think carefully before committing an act as it can lead to decisive consequences. 2. Travis is born May 6, 1991. His home address is 29 Smithers. He is unemployed, but acquires a small benefit. Travis lives with his father who beats him. Additional, Travis also has no idea about his mother. Sergeant is a government officer. He is an experienced person given that he has worked with his profession for a long time. In the text, it is also mentioned that the sergeant has a son. 3. Auditory: We hear noises from the conversation between the sergeant and Travis. Tactile: We feel a high temperature and brightness on the Travis chest and face. Visual: We see the yellow/orange sun rays through the window, the darkness (black) in the prison room, the cloud (grey/white) floating outside to reveal the sun (circle). 4. I can feel a little empathy with the young boy because he was in a difficult economic situation, but on the other hand, I think he should actually blame himself since he made the bed he has to lie in it. 5. The problem is that the cop feels sorry for the guy, but at the same time realizes that he cannot do anything about it as that is the manner his job works. You got a problem? 1. From the…show more content…
You inquire ‘’ what happened dad’’ and your father answers ‘’Yesterday, I asked Patrick if he still loved Sheila and he answered yes. Immediately after, your mother asked Sheila if she was yet a little in love with him and Sheila acknowledged that she still had feelings for him. At that moment I thought I cannot be with a girl who has feelings for another and came to the conclusion that Sheila and Patrick should be together again. I even did not want to see your mother alone again and therefore supplicated her to accept me again in her

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