Negative Effects Of College Students

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NAME: AMRO MAGED ID: 164395 College is a transitional period in every student’s life, new experiences, challenges, and life events are marked through these years. Also, during this transitional period college students gain more independence, experience differences in environmental interactions, and acquire significant life techniques. However, the transition from one life to another makes the students face the stressors in which loneliness impact on their health and mentality. Moreover, the college setting causes students to fail at achieving high academic grades and less life satisfaction. Nevertheless, former researchers have found that intervention programs and learning new adapting skills would prevent loneliness and increase the student’s…show more content…
Moreover, getting no advice or assist where the students need the most leads the students into more stressful situations in which there are less adult surveillance. For example, falling into a trouble without knowing how to get out of it because of the lack of assistance lead the students into rough stressful situations. Also, unexperienced social opportunities lead the students to be introverts whereas loneliness becomes the students only friend. For instance, doubting others because of the college setting causes a lack of self-confidence which is also another reason that causes stress. According to Lee, Kang & Yum (2005) these circumstances of stress may be tested, as advanced research has revealed high stress levels in college students (as cited in Holinka (2015), page 300). According to Holinka (2015) stress and feelings of loneliness in college students are pertinent to maintaining health and wellbeing. Stress is considered as an unpleasant, regardless of whether the stress short-term or chronic stress. Some of the things that stress causes are lack of concentration, chronic headaches, and disordered eating habits. As stress increases the lack…show more content…
Finally, eating disorder habits are caused by high stress in which students keep eating unconsciously. For example, meeting deadlines, issues related to taking lectures and selecting majors cause the students to eat much often than they would on regular basis because of the stress they are feeling. However, together these findings suggest that while college can be an exciting, positive experience for many students, still are still largely susceptible to stress in various domains (as cited in Holinka (2015), page 301). Former scholars have concentrated on factors that minimize the Influence of academic stressors on college students. Especially, Ponzetti (1990) asserted that intervention programs would be an effective technique containing loneliness and unsatisfaction that influence the college students (as cited in Stoliker, Bryce E., Lafreniere, Kathryn D.(2015) para 14, page 15). Similarly, Benner (2011) argued that social support programs could relieve the negative connection between loneliness and academic success. Though, a lot of factors and techniques may play a role in relieving the effects between academic stressors and

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