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Besides that, disruption of wildlife habitats because of pollution, traffic and fences is also one of the key points which results in environmental conflicts. Biological systems of flora and fauna are incredibly complex, and can fall victim to serious ecological consequences when disturbed by human activity. For an instance, increased vehicle traffic at oil drilling sites contributes significantly to noise pollution in wild lands. Thus, this makes wild mammals and birds to avoid or migrate to a different area. This avoidance behaviour by animals, forces them to move to a new habitat where chances of survival and breeding is slim. Hence, according to a research, “breeding and nesting seasons are consequently decreasing due to the drilling, traffic…show more content…
Additionally, pipes to gather oil roads and stations and other accessory structures necessary for extracting oil compromise even larger portions of habitats. Basically, land use impacts would occur during the drilling or development phase if there are conflicts with existing land use plans and community plans. In general, the development of oil and gas facilities would change the character of the landscape from a rural to a more industrialized setting. The remaining land would be affected by intrusive impacts such as increased traffic, noise, dust, and human activity, as well as changes in the visual landscape. Thus, because of the loss of crop lands, ranchers and farmers are being affected badly. Hence, the expanded access road system could increase the number of off-highway vehicles. According to a recent study, “drilling noise could potentially be heard up to 32 kilometres or more from the project area” (TEEIC: Tribal Energy and Environmental Information Clearinghouse: Therefore, it would be barely audible at this distance; it could affect residents those are living nearby. Another major threat towards the nature caused by oil drilling would be soil erosion caused by contamination. Soil contamination can be divided into two. One is by flammable or radioactive substances and the other is manufactured residues by the refining

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