Cost Of College Essay

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Do you ever worry about the cost of college? If so, you’re not alone; 70 percent of the public is concerned about paying for their child’s college education (“Chapter 5: Public Concerns About The Price of College”). No one wants a more expensive college, because it causes a numerous amount of negative effects. Some of those negative effects include: Debt from college loans being too high which is delaying graduates from completing life milestones, college degrees do not guarantee learning or job preparation, and the cost of college causes stress which leads to health problems. Often, college is acknowledged as a great thing for students, however, it can also be an event in life that negatively impacts a student. The debt from college loans is extremely high and can derail graduates from moving on in their life with things such as: saving for retirement, buying a house, or getting married (“”). Christopher Avery, a Professor of Public Policy and Management, states that, “Total student loan debt rose to over…show more content…
Some obstacles are just too hard for some students to obtain. Debt causing graduates from being able to move on in life, college degrees not always providing a job, and the cost of college causing health issue are the obstacles that prevent some people from even going to college. Also, even though college may provide a job for making more money, does not mean it is a guarantee. In conclusion, the cost of college is entirely too high for one person to pay. Further, this issue is important because everyone should know the negative effects of college, and the struggles that many students and graduates go through during and after college. If the cost of college was lower, then life would easier because people would not have to worry about the debt that they have consumed to go to school to be able to get a
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