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Lindsay Haworth MCJ 164 F2015 9:30 a.m. Annotated Bibliography Kaiser, A. , Milich, R. , Lynam, D. , & Charnigo, R. (2012). Negative urgency, distress tolerance, and substance abuse among college students. Addictive Behaviors, 37(10), 1075-1083. Alison J. Kaiser did a thorough study on college students and substance abuse in response to two variables. The first variable is distress tolerance. Distress tolerance is the individuals detected ability to handle negative affect. The second variable is negative urgency. Negative urgency is when an individual feels the need to act rashly when experiencing distress. Kaiser conducted the study by having 525 first-year college students, 48.1% being male, take a survey assessing their characteristics…show more content…
The method they had used to conduct the research was by citing empirical research studies that date back to 1993 all the way to 2001. The research dealt with alcohol consumption specifically. They used a scaling system from 0-8 and anything scoring greater than 3 was used for the final numbers in this particular study. The second part of this journal article discusses the roles of the college administrators and how they contributed to the issue of substance abuse. Their job is to inform students about the danger of substance abuse and also to regulate underage drinking in a way that won't cause students to lash out. College administrators also took a survey agreeing that 40% of crimes had alcohol involved. The third part of this article discusses the environmental mediators. Many college students that would get involved in the Greek system or the athletics also participated in alcohol consumption and abuse. Alcohol consumption also led to lower GPA’s and higher dropout rates. The forth part to Sullivan’s journal talks about the college consumption patterns. There is a clear pattern that when college students enter college, because of their new found freedom, their alcohol consumption rates increase. Many statistics were presented in this section of the journal but there was also an emphasis on the variation of attitudes among students. Those who did drink alcohol excessively did not think they did but believed their friends were excessive drinkers. The belief was that they were in control of their alcohol consumption. This journal also includes research about academic performances, college residence variables, athletics, gender influences, peer pressuring, and self-perception and family

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