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Women in Olympics Women did not just get to participate one day to the next just because they said “can I play?” Can you imagine how much the men would have laughed if their daughter/sister/wife asked if they could join the game. “No you can nott, you are a girl.” And that was the end of the argument. It took women a long time to get to where they are today. Women today participate in the Olympics, world cups, competitions. But we are still not there yet all the way. But how did women get there? The Olympics were created a long time before today. All the way back in ancient Greece men already started to compete each other. Women only joined the trend in 1900. Women first participated in the Olympics in the year 1900. Competing in that…show more content…
This mentality extends beyond sports, and into other male-dominated activities as well. More should be done to include girls to the fullest extent wherever possible. Let’s put chess as an example; a sports that is mainly male. FIDE (World Chess Federation) separates men and women into different leagues to compete, but unlike certain sports, there is no biological difference at play - they are equal opponents. So why separate the sexes? The psychological repercussions of separating males and females on this basis only serves to discourage women learning to play the game. Boys are already benefiting from the skills that they gather on the sport fields at their schools or clubs, and carry them on through into their companies and the boardrooms of business. So let’s do the same for girls. Girls have a right to be gives the same opportunity to inherit the same skills - through male-dominated activities. If we starts now - at a young age - we will be raising a generation of young women with skills beneficial to their futures. We will be seeing the benefits come to grow with the equalisation of women in management positions, boardrooms and CEOs in the

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