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There’s something special about doing your practicum at the same place you graduated from high school. So much has changed, but at the same time, so much remains the same. The most interesting part of my time here at Beaver Dam High School is seeing the other side of things that students are not necessarily privy to. For example, knowing how a teacher writes curriculum and plans for units. High schools have so much going on in plain sight and behind the scenes, and Beaver Dam is no exception. Therefore, this essay will present my observations on my practicum site and cooperating teacher by focusing on curriculum and instruction, assessment, and student engagement. My cooperating teacher’s curriculum and instruction can be best described through…show more content…
While lecturing, my cooperating teacher will frequently stop and ask students questions regarding the content. These are not simple yes or no questions, but questions which challenge students to analyze the material and draw their own conclusions. Sometimes debate between students is spurred by these questions, and I can see that it makes the students feel more engaged in the process. I find this to be an effective method of assessing learning during instruction. Also, students appear to be comfortable with asking questions, which means my cooperating teacher has fostered an educational environment where it is not embarrassing to be incorrect. Formal assessments are based on what students will experience when they will take the College Board Advanced Placement U.S. History Test. Questions may be written in a manner which the students in this class, all of them sophomores, are unaccustomed to. Due to this, my cooperating teacher provides them with sample AP multiple choice questions. This allows students to become acquainted with the format and language they will encounter on the AP test. When they are formally assessed inside the class through a multiple-choice test, the questions are written to reflect this style. Students must also prepare to answer free-response and document-based questions on the AP exam. My cooperating teacher also

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