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I am honored to be invited to join National Junior Honor Society; it is always a complacency to be informed that my sedulous and hard-working actions have not been ignored and that I am given such opportunity-invested privileges as these. Throughout the past years, I have participated and contributed in many organizations and succeeded in many areas. All the while, my character and person has changed and developed into who I am, and it is still growing today. As a person, I hold many different interests, reading and writing marking the top of my list. But as well as these, I believe I consist of many positive aspects that will be utilized while participating in your society, many of which you will find interesting and significant to a community…show more content…
A leader is understanding, diligent, courteous, initiative, flexible, and many other qualities that build them to improve in skills – skills that hold great importance in their lives. Skills such as leadership, communication, teamwork, service, and public speaking are examples of some that I have grown and developed the past years. Currently, I participate in two clubs: Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) and Technology Student Association (TSA). In both organizations, I hold the position of an officer; in FBLA, I am the Treasurer, meaning I must be organized and responsible in keeping track of the financial transactions and our club’s budgets. In TSA, I am the Reporter. This job requires me to be on-track and up-to-date with the current club news, activities, and competitions. Both roles allow me to practice leadership positions in preparation for life after school and in my future career; they teach me skills such as organization and accountability skills. As well as this, in the past, I have participated in Builder’s Club. As a member in my Builder’s Club year, I have contributed to many causes and community service such as raising awareness and money for UNICEF, creating Christmas…show more content…
These academic accomplishments trace as far back to my elementary school years. Ever since first grade, I have won the highest grade point average award, with my final average always above a ninety-eight. As well as this, I have attained the Principal’s Award for highest academic average for two years in a row – one during my 2013-2014 school year in sixth grade, and one during my 2014-2015 school year in seventh grade. In both fifth and sixth grades, I won a writing contest which I had to present out loud in front of important people. I won first place in the If I Were Mayor… contest in sixth grade; in turn, I was allowed a chance to meet the mayor himself and was given the chance to sit in the mayor’s chair to initiate the council meeting. This experience gave me a glimpse at how being orderly and organized can take you far in life. In fifth grade, I won a contest concerning the thoughts and plans I would enact if I were ever to be my school’s principal. The public-speaking part in both of them was at first nerve-racking, but the experience helped me advance and prepare for the competitions and leadership positions I have now in my clubs. For example, in FBLA, I competed in a competitions named Inventions Convention; along with a group of two more members, I had to construct and present an invention that will be beneficial and useful to real

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